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About A-INFO

Company Profile

Established in 2001, A-INFO has developed into a global leading manufacturer of Antennas, Waveguide, Microwave and RF Components with branches in Beijing, Chengdu, and California. Thanks to the support and collaboration with top Universities and Research Institutions from around the world, A-INFO has been developing thousands of products including Antennas, Waveguide Components, MW/RF Components and related systems, offering some of the most reliable and valuable innovative products to the international Radio Frequency and Microwave Technologies community.

Currently, A-INFO has over 100 patents and over 10 software copyrights. With a strict quality control system, A-INFO has passed the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality System Authentications. A-INFO’s products can cover frequencies from 30MHz to 500GHz. With our manufacturing process, we ensure that all products are well designed and have a high accuracy machine finishing.

Our continuous commitment to innovation has aided A-INFO Global to be recognized as one of the most innovative manufacturers in the RF & Microwave field. 

Core Competitiveness

With leading performance and a wide variety of products, A-INFO’s Antennas and Waveguide Components are able to meet the requests for numerous measurement systems and applications.

  • For standard products, A-INFO keeps a large stock. 90% of A-INFO’s Antennas and Waveguide Components are in stock, allowing for quick delivery time. For customized products, A-INFO keeps a strict schedule in R&D and production to make the delivery time much shorter than other manufacturers in the same industry.

  • For EMC Chambers, A-INFO offers Standard Gain Horn Antennas, Open-ended Waveguide Probes, Broadband Horn Antennas, High-Performance Corrugated Feed Horn Antennas, and an assortment of other antennas and waveguide equipment. These products could meet the needs for any near-field, far-field and CATR, etc. All of our products can assist in finishing tests and measurements with high accuracy.

  • The professional electrical and physical designs, the high quality materials, the precision machining, and the strict testing are all factors of producing delicate products with high performance. Furthermore, A-INFO’s products are essential components to customers in many different industries.In China, many customers have been ordering A-INFO’s Antennas and Waveguides for their own usage.