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Corrugated Feed Horn Antennas with Waveguide and Coaxial Interface, Circular Polarization

A Type, WG Output:
C Type, Coaxial Output:

LB-ACH series corrugated feed horn antennas are axially corrugated aperture design horn. Those corrugated feed horn antennas have features like: rotationally symmetric radiation pattern, low cross polarization and stable amplitude taper within operating frequency. There are four kinds of polarization options: Linear, Circular(RHCP/LHCP), Dual Linear and Dual Circular for LB-ACH series feed horn antenna. A-INFO's corrugated feed horn antennas can cover from 0.75GHz to 220GHz frequency range. Those feed horn antennas are precisely fabricated to minimize the tolerance of aperture corrugated groove and are ideally suited for Compact Antenna Test Range(CATR), Reflector antennas and other applications. All feed horn antennas have an option of integration with absorber for better gain flatness and radiation pattern.

Model Information        
Example Part Number:    LB-ACH -90 -10 -R16 -C -NF
Product Code  
Waveguide Size:  WR90  
Gain in dB, Standard gain is 10dB

Polarization options: 
-Rxx:Right hand circular polarization
-Lxx:Left hand circular polarization

Figure Type: 
-A: Waveguide Output 
-C: Coaxial Output. 
Connector type below needs to be specified

Figure C Connector Type Option: 
7/16F=7/16 DIN -50K;
NF=N-50K; NM=N-50J;
SF=SMA-50K; SM=SMA-50J; 
3.5F=3.5mm-50K; 3.5M=3.5mm-50J;
KF=2.92mm-50K; KM=2.92mm-50J;
2.4F=2.4mm-50K; 2.4M=2.4mm-50J;
1.85F=1.85mm-50K; 1.85M=1.85mm-50J;
1.0F=1.0mm-50K; 1.0M=1.0mm-50J;

Calibration Option
Far Field Calibration Data with Extra Fee

Horn Antenna Accessories 

1. Mounting Bracket 
2. Tripod
3. Radome
4. Carrying Case

Test report is for reference only.

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